Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Suqqu Holiday 2016

Here are more pics of the Suqqu holiday coffrets for 2016, done in collaboration with jewellery brand Ayaka Nishi. Makeup Kit A (9200yen) features a honeycomb motif and includes Christmas Makeup Compact 101 蘇芳色/Suoiro and Lipgloss 101 (cinnamon rose) while Makeup Kit B features a fish scale motif and includes the Christmas Makeup Compact 102 瑠璃紺/ Ruriko and Lipgloss 102 (deep cassis). Available on 1 November in Japan.

The Base & Skincare Premium Kit 2016 (26500yen - 30000yen) will be released on 1 Dec. It includes the choice of any foundation, Glowing Veil Powder 9g, Moisture Repair Essence N 30ml, Moisture Loion 75ml, Moisture Barrier Cream 7g, 30 cotton pads, a brush and tote bag.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Jill Stuart Holiday 2016

Jill Stuart will launch this Tweed Party Collection (7500yen) on 4 November in Japan. It includes Shimmer Couture Eyes 09 Winter Tweed, Tweed Face Powder, Airy Tint Watery CC Cream 02, Tweed Gloss Balm and a pouch.

On 18 November, Jill Stuart will release the following:

1. Mix Eyeshadow (2200yen, 5 shades)
2. Lash Jewel (2500yen, 2 variations)
3. Opal Dew Lip Gloss (2500yen)

There is currently a Flowery Pink Carpet Makeup Kit (US$83.32)available on Gooddealer.com.

Shu Uemura Takashi Murakami Cosmic Blossom Collection for Holiday 2016

Shu Uemura is teaming up once again with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami for their Holiday 2016 collection titled Cosmic Blossom. It's a massive collection launching in two parts in November. See all the pics on Fashion Press.

1 Nov
1. Christmas Palette Kit (8300yen, 2 variations)
2. Christmas Foundation Kit (8400yen)
3. Stage Performance Block Booster (4500yen, 2 variations)
4. Bloom Glow Compact Case (1000yen)
5. Blanc Chroma Blossom In Cushion Foundation Compact Case (1300yen)

16 Nov
1. Blossom Eye Trio (4000yen, 2 variations)
2. Bloom Your Way Custom Case (700yen)
3. Drawing Pencil Custom (4 LE shades, 2400yen)
4. Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine (3 LE shades, 3200yen)
5. Rouge Unlimited (2 LE shades, 3200yen)
6. DepSea Hydrability Lip Balm (2000yen)
7. Cosmic Black Premium Curler (2000yen)
8. Cosmic Blossom Premium Brush Set (6500yen)
9. A/O+ P.M. Clear Radiant Cleansing Oil (3700yen and 9600yen)

RMK Holiday 2016

RMK will release two makeup kits in November in Japan. Pics below from Voce. See another close-up pic here.

Christmas Kit 2016 (8700yen, 4 Nov) - palette with 4 eyeshadows and marble cheek color, lip gloss and aurora nail polish.

Christmas Base Make Kit 2016 A/B (8600yen, 18 Nov) - choice of full size foundation, choice of foundation primer, Basic Control Color 02 (full size), deluxe samples of makeup base, liquid foundation, gel cream foundation and airy powder foundation.

Paul & Joe Holiday 2016

Here are more pics of the Paul & Joe Makeup Collection 2016 (9000yen) due out on 1 November in Japan. The products include a bird print pouch, Moisturising Foundation Primer S (mini size), Lip Essence Limited, lipstick, cat-shaped eye colors, pink blush etc.

Pic below from Biteki.

Pics below from Voce.

There will also be 8 limited edition nail polishes (1600yen) and 5 limited edition lipglosses to be released on 1 December.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Addiction Winter 2016 North Star

Addiction will launch this North Star collection for Winter 2016 on 7 October in Japan. It includes 5 limited edition eyeshadows (2000yen), Color Chic Eyeliner (2500yen, 6 permanent shades and 2 LE shades) and Nail Polish (6 LE and 2 new shades, 1800yen).

Pic below by Voce.

Pics below by Maquia.

Pic below by Abe Sawako.

Pics below from Nao.

If you are flying on ANA's international flights, do look out for Addiction's travel exclusive Jet Setter sets. Addiction is now also available at Narita Airport's dutyfree section.

YSL Holiday 2016

YSL will release its Holiday 2016 collection on 28 October in Japan. It features a Palette Sparkle Clutch (12000yen), Radiant Touche Corrector (5000yen), Radiant Touche Sparklizer (5800yen), Rouge Volupte Shine (4100yen, 4 shades), Rouge Pur Couture (4100yen, 5 shades), La Laque Couture (3200yen, 2 shades), Volupte Tint In Oil (3800yen) and Baby Doll Kiss & Blush (5600yen, 2 shades). Pics from Voce.

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016

Bobbi Brown will release its Wine & Chocolate collection for Holiday 2016 in three parts on 14 Oct, 4 Nov and 18 Nov in Japan.

Pic below from Biteki.

Pics below from Voce.

Long Wear Liquid Liners (4200yen, 5 shades)


Lunasol Holiday 2016

Here's another pic of the Lunasol Holiday 2016 collection from Voce. Launching on 11 November in Japan, shown below are the Gold Nuance Eyes, Coloring Creamy Cheeks, Coloring Lip Compact, Nail Finish N, Sheer Light Gloss and Shiny Nuance Liner. Collection details are in this earlier post.

Les Merveilleuses by Laduree Holiday 2016

Here are more pics of the Les Merveilleuses by Laduree Holiday 2016 collection debuting on 4 November and 2 December in Japan. Pics from Voce.

Makeup Coffret III (7000yen)

Brush Holder (7000yen, LE) and new medium sized Rose Face Color with three tones of petals (7500yen)

Pic below from Biteki.

Lip Gloss (3200yen, 2 December)

Pic below from Biteki.

Mini Body Milk Collection (4500yen, 4x50ml, 2 December): In rose, violet, orange flower and dragée.

Softening Booster Kit (8000yen, 2 December): Includes full-size Softening Booster 80ml, Cleansing Milk 15g, Moisturising Lotion 25ml and Treatment Face Cream 4.8g

Paul & Joe Holiday 2016

Here's a sneak peek of the Paul & Joe Holiday 2016 collection, Marché de Noël inspired by Europe's famous Christmas markets. Launching on 1 November in Japan, the Makeup Collection 2016 is an advent calendar with 24 windows concealing various delights such as a Lip Essence 6ml, cat-shaped Eye Color Limited (4x1.3g), a Powder Blush 4g and a Lipstick 3g. Pic below by Rieko Sugimura. This is seriously just too cute!

The adorable Cat Cheek Colors from the Autumn 2016 collection are available now on Asos. These will sell out, so don't miss out!

Anna Sui Holiday 2016

The recent revamping of Anna Sui cosmetics did not appeal to me much but their upcoming Holiday 2016 collection looks mighty fine. Launching on 1 November in Japan, there will be a Holiday Coffret Set (4000yen), Blush Lip Treatment (3000yen) and Blush Rouge (3500yen, 12 shades) while the Vintage Nail Color Set (4500yen, 3 variations) will be released on 1 December. The new Blush Rouge is a lip gloss and liquid rouge with a velvety, semi-matte texture and rich color payoff paired with lip treatment ingredients. That gorgeous gold-rimmed mirror bears the Anna Sui logo, so my guess is that it is also part of the collection. Pics from Voce.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Cle de Peau Holiday 2016

Cle de Peau will launch its Holiday 2016 collection featuring artwork by Ashley Longshore on 21 November in Japan.

Palette Couleur Jour (12,000yen)

Palette Couleur Levres (6000yen)

La Creme (60,000yen, LE packaging)

Jill Stuart October Releases

Jill Stuart will release the following on October in Japan:

1. Mix Blush Compact More Colors (4500yen): #16 Believe In Love (blue-based pink), #18 Sunny Smile (coral pink), #19 Love & Happiness (pinkish orange) and #20 Creamy Chiffon (beige pink)

2. Relax Fragrance Gloss Spray (1500yen for 40g; 2500yen for 130g): Glossy hair spray with argan oil, macadamia nut oil and apricot oil

3. Surprise Love Hand Cream Mini Kit (5000yen, 20gx5): 01 Many Thanks (fruity chamomile), 02 Happy Wishes (floral orange), 03 Mutual Love (pure rose), 04 Hugs For Mom (jasmine) and 05 My Best Hero (green lime)

4. Surprise Love Hand Cream (1400yen, 30g): 5 scents