Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Chanel Holiday 2014

Here are more pics of the Chanel holiday 2014 makeup collection from Voce.

Pics below from Biteki. Set for release on 21 November in Japan and 31 October in Singapore, the collection includes a gold Camellia de Plume highlighting powder, Le Cinq Ombres du Chanel palette, limited edition shades of Joues Contraste blush, Illusion D'Ombre, Stylo Yeux Waterproof #987 (gold), Rouge Allure #227 (nude pink), Rouge Allure Velvet #337 La Flamboyant, Rouge Allure Gloss (2 shades) and nailpolishes.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Jill Stuart Christmas Coffret 2014

Voce magazine tweeted this pic of the Jill Stuart Holiday Coffret 2014 which will be released on 7 November in Japan. Looks like a ballet-theme this year with the corset ribbons and frilly tutu of the pouch. Last year's awful strawberry-themed coffret sold out in three days so expect this to sell out even faster than that.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Esprique Limited Edition Foundation Brush

Esprique will be releasing these two limited edition designs of their Foundation Brush in Taiwan. It's not listed on the Japanese website so this might not be available in Japan. Pic from UrCosme.

Ettusais Lip Essence Treatment

Coming up next from Ettusais is a new Lip Essence Treatment (10g, 1200yen) formulated with six botanical ingredients including jojoba oil, orange oil, aloe extract, rosehip oil, rosemary extract and chamomile, all cultivated on Ettusais' own organic farm. Designed to be a beauty essence treatment for moisturising the lips, it is free of fragrance, artificial colourants, parabens, mineral oil and alcohol. This will be launched on 11 September in Japan.

There will also be a limited edition BB Mineral Compact YU SPF25 PA++ (7g, 1600yen) done in collaboration with the brand Chikazawa & Yu. This will be released on 21 August.

Dolly Wink Hand Cream & Body Cream

Dolly Wink, produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka, will launch its first ever bodycare products on 3 September in Japan. The Hand Cream (40g, 900yen) and Body Cream (100g, 1300yen) have a sweet strawberry and tropical hibiscus scent and pomegranate, chamomile and camellia flower extracts.

Chanel Holiday 2014

Voce tweeted this pic of Chanel's holiday makeup collection which will be released on 21 November in Japan. Wonder if the eyeshadow palette will feature the same eyeshadow formula as their much-loved Ombres Perlées de Chanel from 2011.

Jill Stuart Body Oil & Bath Essence

Jill Stuart will release a limited edition Body Oil (100ml, 3000yen) and Bath Essence (300ml, 3000yen) on 3 October in Japan. See the pic here. The body oil is a blend of grapeseed oil and rosehip oil with a white floral fruity scent.

Suqqu Holiday Coffrets 2014

Here's a sneak peek at Suqqu's two holiday coffrets which should be released. As in previous years, each coffret includes an eyeshadow quad and two skincare products. This year, Suqqu has included a lip color in a round compact instead of their usual mascara. It looks like there is a cream shade in each of the eyeshadow palettes. The pouch is once again rather disappointing for such a luxe brand. No details on the release date yet, but last year's holiday coffrets were launched on 1 November in Japan. This year's coffrets look too generic so hopefully, their Spring 2015 collection will be more interesting. Pic below tweeted by Suqqu MA Tomoko.See a look created with the holiday collection here.

Pic below tweeted by Fashion Monitor.

Suqqu has also finally opened another counter in London at Fenwick, which Paul & Joe recently pulled out of. Hopefully, this means an easier time for customers to get hold of their elusive limited edition collections.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Addiction Lipstick Pure

Addiction will launch a new Lipstick Pure line with 8 shades on 10 October in Japan. Retailing at 2800yen each, these deliver true, longlasting color payoff with just one coat while hydrating the lips. The shades include Tokyo Story (true red), Spy Pink (sexy mauve beige), Le Mépris (bright red), Little Garland (pure coral), Pearl Flower (innocent floral pink), Tokyo Jazz (fuschia pink) and Tokyo Mon Amour (deep wine red).

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Paul & Joe Fragrance Mists and Hand Creams

Paul & Joe will release the following products on 1 October in Japan:

1. Fragrance Hair & Body Mist E: Green herbal floral scent with notes of geranium and petitgrain (bitter orange) (2500yen, 50ml)

2. Hand Cream E: Jojoba oil-based moisturising hand cream with a fresh green herbal floral scent with notes of geranium and petitgrain (1600yen, 40g)

3. Fragrance Hair & Body Mist R: Fresh floral bouquet scent with notes of rose, jasmine and muguet (2500yen, 50ml)

4. Hand Cream R: Jojoba oil-based moisturising hand cream with a fresh floral bouquet scent with notes of rose, jasmine and muguet (1600yen, 40g)

5. Hand Cream N: Orange oil-based moisturising hand cream with a feminine orange flower scent. (1600yen, 40g)

Do also check out their delightful holiday collection, including the most adorable owl-print face powder, on British Beauty Blogger!

Sonia Rykiel Beauté to be discontinued

According to the Sonia Rykiel (Japan) website, the beauty brand will be discontinued with effect from March 2015 as the license is expiring in December 2014. That will be sad news to my friends over at Sweet Makeup Temptations and Drivel about Frivol.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Esprique Smooth On Liquid Foundation UV

Esprique will debut its new Smooth On Liquid Foundation UV SPF15 PA++ (18g) on 16 October in Japan. It is designed to overcome the usual complaints about liquid foundation being sticky, non-longlasting, messy and time-consuming to apply. The stamp sponge applies the foundation in a fuss-free way without the need to dirty one's fingers. This will be available in 7 shades.

Pic below from Voce.

Shiseido Holiday 2014 Sparkling Party Palette

Shiseido will release this Sparkling Party Palette (5500yen) on 1 November in Japan. It includes an eye color base, cream eyeliner, blush, brown and gold eyeshadows, and a red lip and cheek colour.

Integrate Fall 2014 Love Sniper

Integrate will launch its Fall 2014 collection, Love Sniper on 21 September in Japan. It includes:

1. Pure Big Eyes #5 (1500yen)

2. Heart Melty Eyes: 6 gel cream eyeshadow duos of which #1 is limited edition (1200yen)

3. Snipe Gel Liner BK999: Jet black gel liner with an ultra-slim 2mm width (950yen)

4. Integrate Gracy Lipstick 3 shades (900yen)

5. Integrate Gracy Creamy Shine Rouge: 2 shades (900yen)

Visee Lip & Cheek Cream

Here's the shade line-up for Visee Lip & Cheek Cream, set for release on 21 August in Japan as part of the Blushed Lady collection: RD1 (pure red), PK2 (girly pink), OR3 (bright orange), PK4, BE5 and RD6 (blue-toned red). See another pic of the promotional poster here

Majolica Majorca Fall/Winter 2014 Heart Hunter

Majolica Majorca will release the following new products on 21 October in Japan.

1. Puff de Cheek RD401 (limited edition), PK302 and RD303 (1500yen)

2. Lip Dip Kiss #20 and #30: Lipgloss that changes colour depending on the moisture content of one's lips (950yen)

3. Lash Expander Edge Meister GR777: limited edition deep green mascara (1200yen)

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Cosme Decorte AQMW Holiday 2014

Cosme Decorte AQ MW will release this King of Sweets coffret (6800yen) on 1 November in Japan. It includes an eyeshadow palette, stick blush, gel eyeliner and rouge balm.

Paul & Joe Holiday 2014

Sneak peek at Paul & Joe's Holiday 2014 collection coming in October! Pic by Diary Directory.